Garden Tools

There are so many things you can do with a blower, but do not necessarily actually have to. You could of course use it, , for clearing autumn leaves off open ground and paths. This is a powerful and reliable tool which enables the quick and user-friendly cleaning of open areas and niches. For garden care professionals requiring a particularly powerful tool with a long operating time, on the other hand, the petrol leaf blower is the preferred choice.

When mowing the lawn, a narrow strip of grass is often left over that is difficult to reach with the lawn mower. This is where a grass trimmer can help out, enabling projecting grass to be moved effortlessly. The tool also helps keep weeds at bay where they can become rampant at difficult to reach spots.

To cover every application from forestry work to the home, garden, DIY and firewood cutting, the Kangton product range contains different chain saws.

High pressure for removing dirt: For cleaning the car, motorcycle or bicycle, for cleaning wide surfaces or for spring cleaning garden furniture; these jobs are all performed quickly and easily with the pressure cleaner. These tools enable you to work with pinpoint accuracy or over a wide area, and either gently or with power, depending on whether you want to give your car a mirror finish or remove weeds from the gaps in the garden path. At the same time the pressure cleaner is also a very environmentally friendly tool, because it lets you work without the use of chemical cleaning agents.

From low-noise, light electric lawn mowers and cordless petrol lawn mowers, Kangton has the right model whatever the requirement. The biggest advantages of electric lawn mowers is that they are low weight and not very loud. The petrol model, on the other hand, offers a longer range and greater flexibility. 

It can be used with efficiency to atomize, seed and to apply powder or granular products, saving time and facilitating the harvest of cocoa, coffee, tea and chestnut. This equipment can also be used as a blower, assuring the cleanness of storage areas, contributing for the quality of the seeds.